50th Anniversary Gala

We saved the fun for 2021!

We are proud to announce the new date for our 50th Anniversary Engaged at Every Age Gala. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 7th, 2021.  For over 50 years, Silver Key has been supporting seniors in a myriad of ways, allowing them to age healthy, safely, and with dignity and independence. Join us in celebrating this important milestone, Roaring Twenties style, at the spacious and beautiful Boot Barn Hall in Colorado Springs.

Safety is our top priority.

We realize the pandemic is not over, and while there has been major progress in mitigating the threat of COVID-19, Silver Key will do its part to keep you as safe as possible during this event. Our venue is spacious—15,000 sq ft to be exact! Plenty of room to socially distance while still enjoying the entertainment and company of others in a safe manner. Additionally, Boot Barn Hall has been approved by the FIVE STAR CERTIFICATION PROGRAM OF COLORADO, which means as a venue, they’ve gone above and beyond the average public health orders with their safety measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Depending on safety precautions at the time, masks may be required. Either way, you’ll receive a complimentary Silver Key branded mask on top of extra sanitizing and cleaning measures being taken. And of course, multiple hand sanitizer stations will be made available throughout the venue.

For those who would prefer to skip the crowd altogether but would like to still join in on the celebration fun, we have an option for you! We will be offering a complimentary live stream of our 50th Anniversary Gala program. With a virtual registration, you’ll still be able to participate in the fun, including our silent auction and enjoying segments of our entertainers. Help Silver Key celebrate its 50th Anniversary from the comfort of your own home!

Silver Key is in close communication with El Paso County Public Health and adheres to all public health mandates.

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