Community Champions to Volunteer for Silver Key’s Meals on Wheels Program

Silver Key and Meals on Wheels volunteers and staff with city council member, Don Knight

Some Silver Key Meals on Wheels clients will get a surprise this week when they open the door and receive their lunch meal; a community champion, member of city council, or Mayor John Suthers and first lady Janet Suthers might just be the delivery volunteer. This is Community Champions Week for Meals on Wheels March for Meals 2018 campaign and Silver Key has lined up a number of community champions and elected officials to volunteer.

Community champions scheduled include:
John and Janet Suthers
Don Knight
Denny and Kathy Murphy
Jan Martin
Andy Pico
Greg Lauer
Don Wilson
Heather Wilson
Jakob Wilson
Longinos Gonzalez Jr.
Jon Karroll
Katie Pelton
Andie Pico
Luke Anderson
Tom Strand
Linda Navarro

Meals on Wheels is just one of the programs that make up the Nutrition Department of Silver Key; an emergency food pantry, two federal food programs, hygiene and pet food pantry, and the Golden Circle Nutrition Program round out the complement of nutrition offerings, providing food assistance to more than 3,000 seniors last year.

March for Meals is a national campaign held annually during the month of March, initiated and sponsored by the Meals on Wheels Association of America to raise awareness of the struggles faced by our aging neighbors and to encourage action on the part of local communities. Hundreds of Senior Nutrition Programs across the United States, like Silver Key promote March for Meals through public events, partnerships with local businesses, volunteer recruitment and fundraising initiatives. When the doorbell rings this week, you might be surprised to see who is on the other side of the door.

For information on March for Meals and Nutrition Programs at Silver Key, please contact Lorri Orwig at lorwig@silverkey.org or call her at (719)884-2313.