Silver Key is celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. We are looking forward to 50 MORE! years of positively impacting seniors in the Pikes Peak Region. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without you; when you give to Silver Key, not only do you ensure 50 more years, you also open the doors for 50 more: calls, meals, or smiles, etc.

For 50 years we've provided services like Home Delivered meals, including Meals on Wheels, Connections Cafe, Reserve & Ride, Calls of Reassurance, Case Management, and many more. This holiday season, we are sharing personal stories of hope - which highlight our impact and showcases just how valuable the services we provide are.

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected our seniors, consider supporting our organization so that we may continue to ensure that Pikes Peak region seniors' needs are met and that their quality of life is maintained while keeping them safe and healthy. 

As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we have been reminded of how crucial our services are to the community we serve and how many individuals are touched every year. This year's hardship has only been magnified by the pandemic of 2020. For the last 50 years, Silver Key has been here through the loneliness and isolation, and the food and transportation challenges older adults face every day. However, those we serve are resilient, wise, and adaptable; it is with this same strong foundation that, with your help, we catapult into 50 MORE! years.