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Silver Key serves in partnership with our stakeholders to support quality of life for seniors allowing them the choice of safely aging in place with dignity and independence.


To make the greater Colorado Springs area the best in the nation to age.


  • Respect for the value and quality of life of seniors
  • Commitment to excellence, innovation, compassion, and respect in all we do
  • Commitment to customer driven collaborative solutions to problems and effective community partnerships
  • Commitment to continual improvement of practices
  • Identifying and implementing new, creative ways to serve seniors

Silver Key is proud to serve thousands of seniors in the greater Colorado Springs area. We advocate for senior empowerment and offer a variety of services to seniors to maintain independence, safety and quality of life.

We recognize three leaders who have left their mark on Silver Key including, founder Betsey Myers-Burroughs and advocate Clifford King, along with a group of conscientious citizens wishing to improve the quality of life for those in nursing homes. With the help of these individuals and first Executive Director Mikki Kraushaar, Silver Key officially opened its doors in 1971 with grant monies awarded by the Older Americans Act.

We remember and celebrate each and every donor, volunteer, partner and advocate in the community who shares our mission to provide seniors with safety, independence and dignity as they move through the aging process.

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