Corporate Sponsorship of Silver Key

Silver Key’s service to seniors is made possible in part, thanks to the generosity of our community and corporate partners. We want to be the best partners we can be, coming alongside you to help you reach your philanthropic goals. We understand the value of engaging employees and customers in your efforts to give back to the communities you do business in, and we offer many partnership opportunities that make that possible.

When you align with Silver Key, you demonstrate your company’s local commitment to those 60+.  Additionally, you reinforce your pledge to a cause relevant and meaningful impact for your customers and employees – all while receiving the brand boost of alignment with Silver Key. Contact Resource Development at 719-884-2313 or to discuss how you can be a part of the exciting opportunities available.

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Allies, Supporters, Partners

A lot of people and organizations help make Silver Key succeed. We have created three ways of acknowledging that support: Allies, Supporters, and Partners.

Allies:  Organizations, groups, or persons who support our organization typically without a financial contribution. It might be promotion, advice or a simple service for which we wouldn’t have normally budgeted.

Supporters:  Organizations that provide financial support for events or services in return for acknowledgement of their support. Sponsorships could be intended to promote their field of work, their organization, or to provide opportunities to their members. The relationship is based on working with the sponsor to meet their requirements in return for their financial support.

Partners:  Organizations that provide funding, services, and volunteers, typically at a high level, for the overall success of Silver Key’s mission to make Colorado Springs the best community in the nation to age.

Together, we will identify Silver Key services that match your philanthropic interests and to create a tailored sponsorship to support those programs. We'll also communicate along the way, working together to market your support to our audience, and to provide you timely impact reports.

Here are few examples of the possible components of a customized partnership:

  • Join a Silver Key board or committee
  • Group and individual volunteer activities
  • Participation in the annual fundraising event
  • Support of a specific service through funding
  • Volunteer support services
  • Host a Necessities Drive
  • In-kind donations to support Silver Key Friends Thrift Store

We appreciate all our partners, supporters, and allies. Without you we could not ensure older adults in our community have the choice of safely aging in place with dignity and independence.