Silver Key’s Guardianship program provides comprehensive, personalized case management services and advocacy for individuals who have been deemed unable to make safe decisions for themselves by the El Paso County Probate Court.

Through visits, Court Appointed Guardians get to know their individual seniors and advocate for each person’s unique housing and personal care needs as well as their medical, social, financial, and end of life desires.

Silver Key Guardians are individuals who have the education and skill set to work with the wide variety of issues that impact many seniors. In addition, Guardians report to and have the support of the El Paso County Probate Court when complex, difficult decisions must be made.

Power of Attorney services are for seniors who may need someone to act on their behalf in the future to make medical decisions. Silver Key's authority to act as an agent does not become effective until the senior lacks decisional capacity (this is known as a "springing" Medical Durable Power of Attorney).

Silver Key Senior Assistance 
1605 S. Murray Blvd.
Colorado Springs CO, 80916
Phone: 719-884-2300

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

Eligibility: Individuals who have been deemed incapacitated (unable to make safe decisions for themselves) by the El Paso County Probate Court. Must be 60 years or older and reside in Colorado Springs, El Paso County area.

How to Apply: Call 719-884-2300 or visit 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday.

Documents Required: Please call ahead for information and to schedule an appointment.

Fees: Please call ahead for information.