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Silver Key Senior Assistance Case Managers support senior well-being by addressing temporary hardships, mental and physical challenges, financial matters, health care benefits and connections to available federal and local resources. Veterans supporting veterans is a program to provide companionship and assistance from a fellow veteran to those who have served our country.

Short-term Case Management

Silver Key’s experienced Case Management team assists seniors and their families as they navigate the aging process. Holistic assessments are completed with each client served to identify and resolve any barriers to their continued independence and safety.

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Guardianship & Power of Attorney

Silver Key’s Guardianship program provides comprehensive, personalized care management services and advocacy for individuals who have been deemed unable to make safe decisions for themselves by the El Paso County Probate Court. Medical Durable Power of Attorney services are for seniors who may in the future need someone to make medical decisions.

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Silver Key Senior Outreach Services (SOS)

Silver Key Senior Outreach Services (SOS) is a collaborative program in which Silver Key and UCCS Aging Center provide the community with the tools needed to keep seniors safe. SOS serves as an entry point to connect seniors 60+ to behavioral health services and case management. Through SOS, we offer a free training session for anyone in the community to learn how to recognize warning signs and be able to identify older adults who may need emotional or other support and/or a connection to community resources. This service is a simple way for any citizen who is concerned about a senior who may need help to report and get assistance for an older adult before a serious crisis develops.

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Food Pantry

Silver Key's Food Pantry distributes government food assistance to supplement a senior's diet and improve the health of the low-income elderly. The food pantry also provides food for people age 60+ in a temporary emergency situation.

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