We Are All in This Together!

Dear Silver Key Stakeholders,

To say the least, this has been a few days of adjustments and change in many parts of our organization to serve the needs of seniors.

While this has been a time of change, your tenacity, creativity and willingness to adapt has been exceptional!  There is much work to be done in the next several days, weeks and months ahead but my confidence in our organization is at its peak.  

Through each and every one of your efforts, seniors continue to have essential access to medical services, food insecurities are being attended to, and addressing isolation and loneliness is front and center in all that is being done to help those in need.

A unique quality of nonprofits is that they oftentimes adopt the characteristics of the clients the organization serves.  Many of our clients lived through economically challenged times, wars and other challenges of deprivation – situations and experiences I hope that we never have to endure to the level that some of our clients have experienced.  Yet, as I think about Silver Key, as an organization, and seeing the organization in action, I can fully attest to the fact that Silver Key has adopted the resilience that exists in the clientele we serve. 

In times of change, situations can be unnerving and may even give the impression that the challenges are insurmountable.   I invite you to embrace the concept of resilience that helped our ancestors persevere in challenged situations.  Resilience is defined as demonstrating the capacity to recover quickly from difficult situations.   

More than ever, Silver Key, like the clients we serve, is resilient.  

And, by leaning on each other for support, giving praise and encouragement generously, and being adaptable, we set the stage for Silver Key to be the most visible organization meeting the needs of seniors in the Pikes Peak region.  More importantly, the seniors we serve deserve to be visible in the community and have their needs met.  Through your work at Silver Key, you will ensure seniors are seen, cared for and honored for setting the stage for all of us to be resilient in these trying times.

Wishing you a safe and well evening with your families and friends.

Thank you for all your work!